Hustle Hard One Shot Collection

This pack contains 45 creativity feeding one shots. There are 17 Instrument one shots, and 28 Drum one shots. That's a total of 45 exclusive one shots for the price of the air your breathing. 😂
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Hustle Hard One Shot Collection

  • 17 Instrument One Shots
  • 8 Hard 808s
  • Pre-Mixed
  • 28 Drum Samples
  • 10+ Plucks Samples
  • 45 One Shots in Total

Call Me Insane 808

Vomit 808

Avocado Kick

Drippy Kick

All Cap Clap

Hood Snare

Guitar Glide

Ghostly Lead

Kold Bell

Kabow Pluck

Knuckle Brass

3 Point Lead