Introducing the "Five Rings" One Shot Kit, a remarkable sound collection meticulously crafted to inspire both epic trap anthems and catchy modern Trap, Hip-Hop, and pop beats. This unique one-shot kit, inspired by the timeless wisdom of Musashi's "Book of Five Rings," seamlessly includes 10 Basses, 10 Bells, 5 FX, 40 Keys, 10 Synths, 15 Accents, 5 Perc Loops, 5 Vox, 5 Winds and 5 Guitar One Shots.
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Five Rings Sound Kit

  • 150 One Shot .WAV Samples
  • Organized for Easy Use
  • 100% Original Sounds

Beast Mode Accent

WE$T Bass

Selective Synth

Suspense Flute

Ring Ring Bell

Hell Cat Guitar

Suffering Bell

Mangled Pluck