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Reason+ Members Only

Wassup Reason Gang! In order to access these packs you must be subscribed to Reason+. Click on the Reason+ banner in order to get these packs! Be sure to visit this page for a complete list of my packs on the Reason+ Platform. 💎

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? I've got your back!

Are Reason+ Samples Royalty Free?

Yes, they are 100% royalty free

What is Reason+?

Reason+ is a subscription service

The Reason+ subscription consists of the following:

The latest version of the Reason software
All current Reason Studios Rack Extensions
Any future upgrades and releases of the Reason software and Reason Studios Rack Extensions during your subscription period
A stream of inspiring new Sound Packs (containing patches), released every week
The Reason+ Companion application, used for downloading and managing your Rack Extensions and Sound Packs

How do I order these packs?

You an order these packs by subscribing to Reason+ here. First time members get the first month free!
Can I get these packs outside of Reason+?
Reason+ is the only platform with the each preset in each Reason+ pack. You will not find those presets anywhere else.

How will I receive my order?

Once you download and install Reason+, you can use the desktop app to download the packs. Upon clicking on the links from this site, an internet browser page will open and prompt you to launch Reason+ to download your respective pack request.

What is the refund policy?

Reason Studios has their own operations team. If you have any issues contact support here.
Can I keep my packs if I cancel before the trial ends?
Yes, you can keep all of the packs you download within your subscription period.
I'm having difficulties accessing my packs.
Make sure you subscribe via the Reason+ platform and install the software. Your packs are connected to your account inside the app and can only be used in Reason Standalone and the Reason Rack Plugin.