Coaching with jelie

I'm looking for a few more students to join my music production coaching cohort!

Personalized Sessions

We will work directly in your music production sessions which means the lesson will be tailored to your specific needs.

Customized Content

We will work at your speed and skill level so that you can focus on your specific project or overall musical and technical development.

Lifetime Access

Each session is fully recorded and sent to you which means you can download and reference it at any time.

Real Time Feedback

Get direct in-depth feedback and detailed steps to improve your productions so that you can make continous progress toward your goals.

1 on 1 Sessions

Plug in your camera

Real Time Collaboration Via Remote Access To Make Your Projects Easier To Tackle

Download the app and add your camera

Access To My Personal Sample Library To Give Your Projects The Secret Sauce They Need

Place anywhere indoors and enjoy

Collaborative Goal Setting So You Can Skyrocket Your Progress

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? I'm here to answer!

How are the sessions conducted?

The sessions are conducted via Zoom so we can use screen sharing and remote access which means we can collaborate on your tracks virtually.

Are the lessons only available in Zoom?

Yes, these session are only available via Zoom. Zoom allows audio sharing, screen sharing and remote access so we can control each others music software during our session.

How do I book a lesson?

Once you submit an application, Jelie will reach out within 48 hours to book a lesson time that is convenient for you!
How much does coaching cost?
Jelie is dedicated to providing coaching at an affordable price for you.

Who are these sessions with?

These sessions will be conducted one on one with Jelie of Kickback Couture.

How do I send in my files?

You can send your project files for the session via Dropbox or Google Drive.
What’s the refund policy?

There are no refunds for coaching packages.
How long is each session?
Each session is 2 hours long.